Benefit of swimming for baby

  1. Swimming helps to develop the heart and lungs of the baby.
  2. Increase food digestion and absorption, increasing the immunity of the baby.
  3. Develops the neurotics and intellectuals
  4. Swimming just like baby in the mother’s water, baby feel more comfortable and safety. It help newborn/baby to develop regular sleep and ruduce crying .
  5. Improve relationship between parents and the baby.
  6. Swimming  trains the sight, hearing, touch and balance of the baby.
  7. Develops newborn/baby’s motor skills and flexibility

*The babies in US and Europe starts to swim from 4-6 weeks.
**Baby in China City starts to swim from the 1 weeks in the hospital and from 4 weeks at home.
***In Malaysia recommend babies start swimming after the umbilical cord drops of.

Remark : Baby who is unsuitable to swimming
1) APGAR scode under 8 point
2) Baby is ill and under treatment
3) Pre-term baby under 32 weeks and the weight under 1800g

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  1. betul ke baby besar nih leh bawak berenang??nak bawak gak laa

  2. boleh ajer.. mst ruhil imaan suka.. :)


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